Curtin University Transfer Requirements AS

Selection Requirements for Curtin University Transfer

  1. Students at Mahidol University enrolling in the

    • B.Sc. (Actuarial Science) programme eligible for B.Sc. programme in Actuarial Science at Curtin University

  2. Passing all required courses at Mahidol University including

    • General education courses

    • Core and required courses

    • Elective courses

  3. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) must not be less than 2.00 in the first four semesters.

  4. A grade average of no less than 2.75 in the following 12 courses:                    SCMA 128, SCMA 129, SCMA 167, SCMA 175, SCMA 188, SCMA 189, SCMA 196, SCMA 218, SCMA 249, SCMA 288, SCMA 328, SCMA 329:

  5. Students must meet the English admission requirements established by Curtin University*

    • IELTS: Overall 6.0 Writing 6.0, Speaking 6.0, Reading 6.0, and Listening 6.0

Once the program selects students who meet the criteria to apply to study at Curtin University. Students who are selected will be notified that he or she must meet the admission requirements as stated in the Student Articulation Principal Agreement between Curtin University and Mahidol University.


*Curtin will offer an English course for those students who do not meet the criteria for study at Curtin University. For details on English Language Bridging at Curtin, visit Curtin University site.