Dr.Nguyen Van Sanh


Ph.D. (Mathematics), Hue University, Vietnam

Office : B 224B

Tel : 0-2201-5543

Fax : 0-2201-5343

Email : nguyen.san@mahidol.ac.th

Research Activities

Areas of Expertise

Module, Ring and Category Theory; Radical Theory.

Current Interests and Activities

My recent and current research activities involve module and ring theory in the following areas.

  1. Introducing and contributing to generalized radicals of modules;
  2. Investigating some structures of modules over special rings.
  3. Generalized injectivity and application in studying some structures of modules.

Recent Publications

  1.  Sanh, N.V., Shum, K.P., Dhompongsa, S., and Wongwai, S. On quasi-principally injective modules. Algebra Colliquium. 6(3) (1999) 269-276.
  2. Sanh, N.V., Shum, K.P. Endomorphism rings of quasi-p-injective modules. Comm. in Algebra. 29(4) (2001) 1437-1443.
  3. Sanh, N.V., Dhompongsa, S., and Jantagan, P. On weakly CS modules. General Algebra and Discrete Mathematics. Proceeding of the Conference on General Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Potsdam Conference 1998, Shaker Verleg (1999) 175-180.
  4. Sanh, N.V., Jampachon, P., and Ittharat, J. On finite injectivity. Southeast Asian Bull. of Math. 24 (2000) 559-564.
  5. Sanh, N.V., Chotchaisthit, S., and Niyamosot, T. On Serial Quasi-p-Injective Modules. Southeast Asian Bull. of Math. 26 (2003) 917-921.
  6. Sanh, N.V., Permouth, S.L., and Shum, K.P. P-injectivity and Kasch Modules. Algebra Colloquium. (To appear).
  7. Sanh, N.V., Chairat, S., Somsup, C., and Shum, K.P. A generalization of Azumaya’s Theorem on direct sums of M-injective modules. Communication in Algebra. (To appear).