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The Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University foresaw the growing need for actuaries and began offering a Bachelor of Science Programme in Actuarial Science (International Programme) in 2009. The programme was co-developed by Curtin University and qualified students can spend the last 1.5 years of the degree at Curtin University and receive a double degree. To date, our programme is the only international programme in actuarial science in Thailand. All courses are taught in English.

Although it is a relatively young programme, our graduates and students are doing exceptionally well in career advancement. Two of our graduates have already become actuarial fellow, and a handful have passed the Associate’s exam. As a result, incoming and current students are becoming increasingly aware of their career path and progression.

We as a department strive to excel and are always looking for potential qualifications for our programme and exciting opportunities for our graduates. The Department of Mathematics at Mahidol University has been also seeking accreditation from the actuarial professional body in the United Kingdom, in order to fulfil its mission – to distinguish its educational programme and provide students with a world-class education to the students. Recently, the programme was accredited on a subject by subject basis by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), the UK professional body dedicated to the education, development and regulation of actuaries. The institution offers qualifications to achieve designations such as Associate and Fellow for individuals seeking a career within the actuarial profession. The benefits of accreditation at the Actuarial Science Programme at Mahidol University include:

● Students benefit from exemption from four of the professional examinations.

● Accreditation is a guarantee that the programme meets international standard and would lead to a sustainable future for the programme.

● The programme will develop students who have the skills, knowledge and abilities that will be relevant in a competitive international job market.

● The programme will also support an increased number of qualified actuaries and the development of personnel quality in the actuarial profession according to international standards.


Academic Matters

International programme

Curriculum Book (TQF2) (Thai/English versions) contains information on programme and course specifications and all relevant information about the programme.

MU Degree Profile (English version)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Sub PLOs (English version)

Course Catalogue, Courses Offered and Assigned Instructors

International collaboration

Student Articulation Principal Agreement between Curtin University and Mahidol University

Draft of Letter of Variation of the Student Articulation Principal Agreement

Professional recognition

IFoA Confirmation of Accreditation By Subject Agreement

Educational Pathway and IFoA Accreditaion

Route to becoming an actuary at Mahidol Univesity