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The Curriculum Development Committee of the Actuarial Science (AS) Programme, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University is charged with: reviewing and evaluating existing courses and the curriculum, and proposing new courses, and continually reviewing and evaluating the philosophy of the AS programme. To this end, the Curriculum Development Committee has developed this website to provide necessary information for faculty members and stakeholders, as well as links to survey questions for feedback and comments for further programme development and revision.


This page provides all the necessary information about the programme for students and other relevant stakeholders.

Curriculum handout contains information on programme and courses specification and related information.


This page contains links to the stakeholders’ survey for curriculum development and revision.

The curriculum is developed with input and feedback from academic staff, students, alumni and stakeholders from industry, government and professional bodies. Feedback mechanisms through the Stakeholder Portal have been developed to gather inputs and feedback from staff, students, alumni and employers.

The plan and procedures are designed to clarify the necessary steps involved in the development/revision of an academic degree program.


This page contains a list of useful links for programme development and revision.