Special Seminar by Dr. Sanyapong Petchrompo

Special Seminar by Dr. Sanyapong Petchrompo, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics , Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.
Title: Data-driven approaches to multi-objective optimization
Date: 12 October 2022 Time: 1.30 – 2.30 PM.
Onsite: B 201 Faculty of Science, Mahidol University

Previous researchers have made impressive strides in devising algorithms and solution methodologies to address multi-objective optimization problems in various fields. One traditional approach is to determine a Pareto optimal set that represents the trade-off between objectives. However, this approach could result in an extremely large set of solutions, making it difficult for the decision maker to finalize the decision. To deal with this issue, later contributors have made considerable headway in developing so-called Pareto pruning methods – alternative approaches that can autonomously draw up a shortlist of Pareto optimal solutions. The selection of the representative solutions in Pareto pruning methods is based on a predefined instruction, and its resolution process is mostly independent of the decision maker. In this seminar, the speaker will discuss some promising Pareto pruning methods of which the pruning process is driven by data. To demonstrate the practicality of such data-driven approaches, a combined Pareto pruning method, coupled with an evolutionary algorithm, is applied to a real-world case study of railway asset management. The advantages of the proposed method over the traditional approaches are discussed, and avenues for future research are given.