B.Sc. Industrial Mathematics and Data Science (International Program)

Program Title: Bachelor of Science Program in Industrial Mathematics and Data Science

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Industrial Mathematics and Data Science), B.Sc. (Industrial Mathematics and Data Science)

This course should:

  • provides you with the specialized knowledge and skills in modeling and optimizing industrial processes and internship with leading industrial companies
  • offers double degrees from Mahidol University, Thailand and Curtin University, Australia
Program Objective
  • The Bachelor of Industrial Mathematics focuses on
    Developing computational and necessary skills to prompt students for future implementation in diverse industries
  • Finding optimal strategies in supply chain and inventory management to help with strategic decision-making and policy designing
  • Gaining a better insight into how to use computational techniques to proficiently manage resource systems to obtain maximum profits and to investigate industry-related problems
  • Acquiring knowledge that can be applied to locate business problems and find possible ways
    to unravel such complex problems via various case studies

Admission Requirements

A candidate must:

  1. Hold a high-school (Grade 12) diploma or its equivalence by the time of enrollment. (To apply for admission, an official letter confirming the students successful completion of Grade 12 study by the date of enrollment can be used in place of the diploma.);
  2. Pass an entrance examination which is a mathematics paper constructed by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.
  3. Have an English language test to meet our requirements.
     – TOEFL score not less than 500 (paper based) or 73 (iBT)
     – Other equivalent test such as IELTS, etc.
     – Test date must be within 2 years of the admission date

Selection Procedure

  • Students in Thailand must pass an entrance examination and an interview.
  • Written examination paper are Mathematics and English.
  • Final judgment is subject to the consideration of the Administrative Program Committee and the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University.

Academic System​

  1. An academic year is run under Mahidol University semester system composed of two regular semesters (16 weeks) and a summer semester (6 weeks).
  2. A student must enroll and complete all the requirements of the Bachelor of Science Programme in Actuarial Science (International Programme) in order to qualify for the degree.
  3. A student who selects to obtain the double degrees must meet requirements as specified in the Student Articulation Principal Agreement between Curtin University and Mahidol University. In general, a student will take courses following the study plan and spends the first 5 regular semesters consecutively at Mahidol University, then studies at Curtin University for the last 3 regular semesters consecutively.
  4. **Selection requirements for Curtin University transfer can be found in this link

Duration of Study

The duration of study must not less than 3 years and no longer than eight years. The program is designed for the duration of three years and a half.


A student is required to register for a full – time study of no more than 23 credits each regular semester and no more than 8 credits in the summer semester.

Program Structure (120 Credits)

Science and Mathematics18
Social Science and Humanity8
Courses Credits
Mathematics and Statistics 16
Industrial Mathematics 69
Total 85

Graduation Requirements

  • The duration of study must not exceed 8 academic years.
  • A Student must pass the subjects in accordance with the programme curriculum which has the minimum requirements of the 120 credits including;
    • a minimum of 30 credits of general education courses
    • a minimum of 84 credits of specific education courses
    • a minimum of 6 credits of free elective courses
  • A student must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (out of 4.00 grade point system) at the completion of the programme.

Double Degree Conditions

A student will obtain the double degrees from Mahidol University and Curtin University, provided the student meets requirements as specified in the Student Articulation Principal Agreement between Curtin University and Mahidol University and passes all education requirements.

A student who carries out his or her studies entirely at Mahidol University will obtain a degree from Mahidol University only, provided the student passes all education requirements.

In the case that the student who chooses to obtain the double degrees does not complete satisfactorily all the required courses within the 3 semesters at Curtin University, the student can choose to continue his or her studies at Mahidol University. However, the student will obtain a degree from Mahidol University only, provided the student completes all the required courses and passes all graduation requirements. In this case, Mahidol University awards all academic records obtained during the study at Curtin University.