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Our community identifies the most significant and interesting issues in diverse fields of mathematics. We suggest novel and evidence-based solutions to address such problems. Our faculty members are spread across five research areas of mathematics. In this section, you can explore more details on our research activities in each field.

Theoretical Mathematics
& Analysis

Academics in our group conduct research with an attempt to understand various structures that appear in mathematics and developing mathematical theory behind them.

Computational Mathematics

This research group is interested in various fields of Computational Mathematics including high performance computing and machine learning techniques.


Researchers in this group focus on the applications of mathematics in science, engineering, business and industry to explain phenomena by solving real-world problems.

Statistics & Advanced Probability

Our academics conduct research to help solve frontier healthcare, business, actuarial and financial problems with advanced knowledge in statistics and probability.

Operations Research & Optimization

Our researchers apply such analytical techniques as optimization and simulation modelling to help businesses and organizations make decisions more efficiently.