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BSc Industrial Mathematics & Data Science

A 3.5-year program that will lead you to a promising career in business analytics and data science

You will learn multidisciplinary skills to solve high-value industrial problems and utilize essential techniques of data science and AI-driven models to make predictions that support business decision-making. You will become a graduate with intercultural communications, analytical skills and creative ideas which are required as important skills for the 21st century and be ready for any change, transformation and adaptation.

Program structure

Our 3.5-year program allows you to personalize your study by choosing a path that aligns with your career aspirations.


Learn about the application process for the BSc Industrial Mathematics & Data Science (IMDS) program.

Curtin University

Our students have an option to spend their final 1.5 years at Curtin University should they meet the entry requirements.

Graduate information

Read about IMDS graduate destinations. Explore the statistics and career information. Hear the thoughts of our alumni.


For inquiries about the application process of the BSc Industrial Mathematics & Data Science program, please contact the program administrator at 0-2201-5340 (working days 8.30-16.30) or For academic matters, please contact Asst. Prof. Wasakorn Laesanklang ( or Dr. Nathnarong Khajohnsaksumeth (

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