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Our academic programs are designed to equip students with necessary skills to achieve their career goals both in the industry and the academia. There are three undergraduate and two graduate programs. In this section, you can find the information about the program content, structure, admission, and career prospects.

Undergraduate programs

BSc Mathematics

Combine mathematical theories with an understanding of computing to solve problems, allowing graduates to work in both the industry and academia.

BSc Actuarial Science

Apply knowledge in mathematics, statistics, finance and economics to become a professional actuary through our IFOA accredited program.

BSc Industrial Mathematics & Data Science

Learn how to improve the organizational performance through data-driven and evidence-based decisions.

Graduate programs

MSc Applied Mathematics

Delve into the innovative applications of mathematics with modern methods. Learn how to conduct research and communicate academically in our two-year program.

PhD Mathematics

Investigate a project in depth and write a dissertation that contributes to your selected topics related to the theory of mathematics and/or applications.