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BSc Actuarial Science

The only program in Thailand that offers an international degree in actuarial science accredited by the IFoA

Our 3.5-year program trains students towards the actuarial profession, which is the analytical backbone of our society’s financial security systems. This profession is heavily represented in the financial services sector, including insurance companies, commercial banks, investment firms, and pension fund agencies.

Actuary is a profession that utilizes mathematics and statistics to estimate the financial impact of uncertainty and manages risk exposure to ensure a profitable business operation. An actuary speculates future events and provides financial security by reducing the impact of any adverse outcomes. This profession evaluates the likelihood and designs actuarial models that businesses can use to outline the best course of action.

The future for actuaries is constantly evolving as advances in artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and industrial automation accelerate. These technologies will create new opportunities for actuaries as the true business strategists.

Program highlights

The following features make our BSc Actuarial Science program stands apart from others:

This 3.5-year programme at Mahidol University is the only program in Thailand that offers an international degree in actuarial science.

The program is accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), United Kingdom.

Students with qualified academic performance are eligible for  partial credit exemption from the Society of Actuaries (SOA), USA.

The curriculum is co-developed by Curtin University, Australia. Students from Mahidol University may choose to spend their final 1.5 years at Curtin University, earn a double degree, and qualify for an Australian post-study work visa.

The program features strong academic collaboration with major organizations in Thailand, including the Office of Insurance Commission, Thai Life Assurance Association, and the Thai General Insurance Association.

We strive to make our graduates “global citizens”. They are not only certified by renowned international actuarial associations, but also knowledgeable in related fields such as business, finance, and investments.

Program structure

Through our diverse course options, you will be trained to become a professional financial analyst in 3.5 years.


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Curtin University

Our AS students have an option to spend their final 1.5 years at Curtin University should they meet the entry requirements.

Graduate information

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