Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1989 with only 4 staff members originally and one foreign lecturer.  Assistant Professor Nardtida Tumrasvin became the first departmental chairman and recruited several more staff as well as provided scholarships for new recruits to further their studies abroad in order to upgrade the quality of teaching and research.  The curriculum has been revised several times in the past years in order to respond to the needs of the job market and serve the students purposes.  Five tracks of concentration are offered by the department, namely, a student can choose to concentrate his/her studies in either

  • pure mathematics,
  • applied mathematics,
  • statistics,
  • computational mathematics, or
  • actuarial mathematics.

Increasing number of students have been attracted to major in mathematics through the years.  The curriculum and courses of studies are in continual consideration and revision to be always up to date and of international standard.

There are currently 41 staff and 4 foreign lecturers in the department who are devoted to teaching and research as well as being responsible for all the basic mathematics teaching in Mahidol University. Apart from a B.Sc. in mathematics, the department also offers an M.Sc. degree in applied mathematics and a doctorate program in Mathematics which can be carried out with or without course work, depending on the student’s performance and qualifications.

The department has therefore progressed since it was first founded more than 20 years ago and developed, with the full cooperation of the departmental staff and personels, into a place for learning devoted to excellence in research and education.

The Center for Mathematics Research has been set up since 1989, initiated by Assoc.Prof. Nardtida Tumrasvin, the Department Chairman at the time, Prof. I. Ming Tang of the Physics and Mathematics Department, and Prof. Yongwimon Lenbury who was the Chairman of the Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics, with the objective of promoting research activity and productivity. The center was founded on an initial grant from the university as well as research grants from the Thai Oil Company and the Victory Granite Company. On going research has been carried out at the center on the following fields

  • Dynamical Modelling of Nonlinear Systems in Biology and Medicine
  • Computer Assisted Modelling of Materials
  • Novel Computational Techniques in Mathematical Physics
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Singular Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Industrial Mathematics

Special seminars and group meetings are regularly held in which experts from different fields of research are invited to present talks. Department staff and graduate students are supported by research grants from several sources, such as the National Research Council, NECTEC, MTEC, BIOTEC, and the Thailand Research Fund. Collaboration is on going with international institutions, specifically University of Warwick of the United Kingdom, Vanderbilt University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Old Dominion University, Washington State University and University of Rhode Island of the United States, CNR IASI Laboratorio di Biomatematica in Italy, Curtin University of Technology and University of Wollongong in Australia, Massey University in New Zealand, and Universit? Montpellier II, France, and so on.

Recently, the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, has be selected to lead the consortium of 19 universities in Thailand, joined together into the Centre of Excellence in Mathematics, under PERDO, the Commission on Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. The Centre’s main objective is to strengthen research and education in mathematics by awarding research grants, student supports such as Research Assistantship, carry out professional training of school teachers and several activities in a proactive attempt to provide the country with a strong foundation for science, technology, and economic development.