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Pairote Satiracoo, PhD

Assistant Professor


  • PhD Mathematics (University of Warwick, UK)
  • M.Sc. Mathematics (University of Warwick, UK)
  • M.Sc. Actuarial Science (Heriot-Watt university, UK)
  • B.Sc. Mathematics (Mahidol University, Thailand)

Areas of expertise

  • Mathematical modelling of complex systems
  • Actuarial mathematics and related areas

Personal webpages/CV

Current projects

  • Mathematical modelling of complex systems: The objective is to develop mathematical models in the glucose absorption process. Qualitative analyses of nonlinear systems are the main tools for investigating in this study.
  • Actuarial mathematics and related areas: Applied stochastic modelling in non-life and general insurance, longevity and mortality modelling

Recent publications

Survival analysis of cervical cancer patients: A case study of bhutan

Tshewang U, Satiracoo P*, Lenbury Y

Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 2021

A model for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome with time-dependent infection rate: traveling wave solution

Suksamran J, Lenbury Y, Satiracoo P, Rattanakul C

Advances in Difference Equations, 2017

A simple, realistic stochastic model of gastric emptying

Yokrattanasak J, Gaetano AD, Panunzi S, Satiracoo P, Lawton WM, Lenbury Y

Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, 2016

Development, experimental validation and sensitivity analysis of a mathematical model of biofiltration for hydrogen sulfide removal

Satiracoo P*, Pokethitiyook P, Lenbury Y, Potivichayanon S, Agarwal RP

International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 2013