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Sanyapong Petchrompo, PhD

Assistant Professor


  • PhD Engineering (University of Cambridge, UK)

Areas of expertise

  • Optimization
  • Multi-criteria analysis
  • Data analytics

Current projects

  • Multi-objective optimization in industrial engineering
  • Optimization and simulation modeling in supply chain management
  • Data analytics in business and healthcare

Recent publications

Simulation-based POLCA integrated QRM approach for smart manufacturing

Kumar S, Petchrompo S, Ahmed T, Jain AK

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, 2023

A review of Pareto pruning methods for multi-objective optimization

Petchrompo S, Coit DW, Brintrup A, Wannakrairot A, Parlikad AK

Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2022

Pruning Pareto optimal solutions for multi-objective portfolio asset management

Petchrompo S, Wannakrairot A, Parlikad AK

European Journal of Operational Research, 2022

A value-based approach to optimizing long-term maintenance plans for a multi-asset k-out-of-N system

Petchrompo S, Li H, Erguido A, Riches C, Parlikad AK

Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2020

A review of asset management literature on multi-asset systems

Petchrompo S, Parlikad AK

Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2019