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Special Seminar by Prof. Dr. Manisha Pal

Title: Network sampling for estimation of the size of a finite population with special features

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Manisha Pal, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science  St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, India 

Time: 26 June 2023, 11:00-12:00

Room: M301


 Estimation of the unknown size (N) of a finite population has been of interest to the statisticians. The well-known Catch – Mark – Release – Recatch method is talked about frequently. There are available non-trivial and often-needed alternatives to this method as well.

In this presentation, I will deal with finite populations having some peculiar / special features and discuss the problem of estimation of the unknown size (N) of the specially featured population/subpopulation. The peculiarity of such a population [called ultimate population] lies in the fact that none of these population units is directly accessible to the investigator, but there is a well-defined finite population [called reference population] closely connected to the population of interest, whose units may be accessed directly. The literature is scanty and the state of knowledge also seems to be imperfect. The presentation will provide an overview of the literature in this fascinating area of research and its application.